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1. How does tummy fit slimming oil work on our body?

With regular application of tummy fit slimming oil on fatty areas it penetrates into the 7 layers of the skin . it starts working on the 1st layer cellulite, The most stubborn fat cells produced by the skin. It breaks them and sends to our lymphatic system. It then starts working on the sub coetaneous fat lying beneath or cellulite layer. This layer is much easier for tummy fit oil to break. Fat is eliminating through perspiration and normal elimination.

2. Where does tummy fit slimming oil work?

Tummy fit slimming oil is specially made to reduce inches from stomach. It works on complete cellulite fatty areas located in the body and most importantly tummy. It also works on buttocks, thighs, upper arms and chest area.

3. Who should apply tummy fit slimming oil?

Every one with tummy weight issue. It is extremely beneficial for those people who complain of overweight, obesity and bulky fatty areas.

4. Can we apply tummy fit slimming oil if we have any medical condition?

Irrespective of any medical condition like thyroid, blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and tummy fit slimming oil works towards inches loss and makes your flat.

5. How to apply tummy fit slimming oil?

Apply 5-10ml tummy fit ayurvedic medicated oil by massaging it on your stomach for at least 8-10 min. so that it effectively penetrates the skin and starts attacking and reducing the fat. You will notice the tummy fit oil not only reduce the fat but also maintain the tightness the skin and does not allow it to loosen. For best result it is important that you do not eat anything till 20min. after application of tummy fit oil.

6. How many times do we apply tummy fit slimming apply in a day?

Tummy fit slimming apply has to be apply twice daily 1st application before breakfast/after bath let it work on the body for 5-6 hours and 2nd application evening (5-6pm or before dinner).

7. Is this inches loss permanent?


8. What is tummy fit slimming oil?

Tummy fit slimming oil is a fusion of 2 natural sciences of healing namely ayurveda and solarisation, and thus brings out the best of both worlds penetration both through skin and benefits of sun rays.

9. Tummy fit slimming oil based on which therapy?

Tummy fit slimming oil based on Oleation therapy which is derived from ayurveda.

10. How many inches I can loss through this product?

Every week you will see the difference of 1 inch in you.

11. What is the contents of your product Tummy Fit?

Tummy Fit Slimming Oil- Exercise acts only on built up fat whereas Tummy Fit Slimming Oil first attacks the cellulite which is the main reason(cause) of a paunch. Reduction of cellulite is almost impossible with just exercise.

Tummy Fit Slimming Gelly- It opens up the skin pores and expels the toxins.

Tummy Fit Slimming Face Cream- Application of Tummy Fit Slimming Face Cream not just reduces facial fat but also moisturizes the skin leaving it fresh, glowing and free of wrinkles.

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